We know we can help you succeed. Here’s why.

Sigma Foodservice USA is a global company dedicated to bringing proprietary, quality food solutions to communities everywhere across a range of price points and unique flavor categories.

We utilize the most comprehensive data, trends and insights to create a diverse portfolio of trusted favorites and delightful new ingredient and food solutions your customers will return for every chance they get.

18 countries worldwide have put their trust in us so far. And we’re just getting started.

Still Hungry?

Here are 6 more reasons we know you’ll love working with us.

We are Innovative: You’ll see that we’re cutting-edge pioneers who always stay one step ahead.

We are Collaborative: You’ll notice we partner internally and externally to provide the best solutions, reliably and repeatedly.

We are Tenacious: You’ll receive a dogged and relentless commitment to helping you with your most vexing challenges.

We are Rebellious: You’ll appreciate that we aren’t afraid to politely push the boundaries or question the status quo to generate unconventional outcomes.

We are Authentic: You’ll find us genuine, transparent, and trustworthy.

We are Agile: You’ll team up with a flexible partner who expects the unexpected, always ready to pivot quickly without losing their balance.