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Quality foods for every occasion.

From hot dogs and sausages to deli meats and corn dogs, Bar-S provides great tasting foods at a value you can count on for all mealtime occasions, morning ‘til night.

Delicious Mexican flavor, as sure as the sun will rise.

Menu del Sol Burritos offer the authentic flavors of your favorite Mexican restaurant combined with the convenience of a quick handheld meal that can be enjoyed in minutes.

Where we get our kicks.

Our Tapatío® grilled frank is directly infused with the bold and spicy taste of authentic Tapatío® hot sauce for a unique, exciting, and delicious flavor profile. Tapatío Is A Registered Trademark Of Tapatío Foods, And Used Under License.

We swear it’s not meat.

Better Balance bridges the gap for those who want alternative protein solutions but still crave that ‘meat’ experience. The versatile line offers outstanding visual appeal, as well as flavors and textures that can adapt to a variety of menu applications for sandwiches, entrees, salads, and more.

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No rules, just cravings.

Curveballs are the savory and sweet treats that rebel against mealtime and feed your cravings. With a variety of delicious, unexpected flavors to try, join the Curveballs revolution and go as far as your tastebuds will take you.